About the Coach

Coach Hunt Fun Facts

Coach Angelina HuntI just LOVE love. It has been my life theme for as long as I can remember. My profession and life have been centered on the ability to aid others in their life journey. As an advisor and coach, it is my joy to lift the veils off limitations and bring in new thoughts of possibilities. My faith in love makes me believe that life can come to all of us with ease, joy, and unconditional love.

I began my life accomplishments by being a published poet, an actress featured in the Los Angeles Times newspaper, and an academic wonder in sociology and community psychology.  I love studying Positive Psychology and the Laws that attract a successful life.  I have seen that asking questions impact our lives more than making a statement of faith alone.

Coaching Philosophy and Method:

I believe that each of us have the resources within ourselves to create the life of our choosing without hindering the lives of others. As a coach, it is my desire to empower and inspire others to reach and then exceed their goals and expectations in life. The Aatheart method assists and supports clients in moving forward from their present situation toward achieving their desired situation. This method is called: LIFT (Listen, Information, Function, and Trust)

  • Listen: Hear what is being said and listen to the feelings behind the words.
  • Information: Gathering information to identify the inner forms such as thoughts and beliefs.
  • Function: Purposefully taking action towards change. Without change, situations remain the same and or we enter into a cycle of blame.
  • Trust: Believe in the process of action, work, labor, and enacting change.

Within a coaching role, listening is the fundamental key to learning. Hearing what is being said, as well as understanding the emotional responses, is a powerful tool in understanding the client’s state of mind. Clarifying client’s statements and their reactions identifies their level of confusion. This interaction reveals the viable information needed to empower the client into change, as well as give them tools to trust the process, and adding the corresponding actions to create a desires-fulfilled life.

aatheart Mission Statement:

Give our attention to your intentions and dreams, as they create a life of love and fulfillment. aatheart Philosophy: With the love of human service, our coaching supports growth with the belief that everyone can improve their quality of life while helping others to prevail.